The Beginning

On Monday morning I officially began the next step on my journey to optimal health. After reading a lot and listening to the synchronicity in my life all roads point to plants. I have been a big meat eater all my life and can honestly say that I am surprising myself with the choice. After reading studies and factual information produced by very in depth studies I feel it would be irresponsible to my body to ignore the evidence.
With a family history of heart disease and having a mild cardiovascular event in 2012 it really is hard to not pay attention.
I have 2 younger sisters who are vegan and model a healthy lifestyle successfully fueling their bodies with a whole food plant base diet so I know its a go. I have them and my older sister to thank for all the information and exposure. I also have a friend who has taken on a WFPB lifestyle and is rocking it.
After starting at the health food store, I have found myself experimenting with many foods and products and this movement to a WFPB diet is right along with that.
This is inspired by the @Engine2Diet and I am looking forward to the challenge.


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